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Congratulations! PDIV special tester for electromagnetic wire of new energy vehicle motor by Dean Group was selected into Shanghai Innovation Fund Project


The PDIV Special Tester for electromagnetic wire of new energy vehicle motor, developed by Instrument Branch of Dean Group, passed through the expert evaluation of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and has recently been selected into Shanghai Innovation Fund Project.

In recent years, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly in China. EV motors and power supply are the core of new energy vehicles. Electromagnetic wire, an important part of EV motor, is defined in GB/T 4074.21-2018 "High Frequency Pulse Voltage Resistance Performance". Pulse voltage for testing enameled wire, +1500V rising edge (50-100ns), frequency (2-20KHZ) and duty cycle < 50% are defined. However, there is no definite value of PDIV of pulse corona voltage for testing enameled wire in the standard. When the voltage of the encapsulated wire rises after the motor starts, it will glow under a certain voltage. Ozone will be released from the insulating layer of the enameled wire. Ozone will cause the insulation performance of the enameled wire to decline and corrode to other insulating materials such as inter-phase insulation and inter-turn insulation, thus reducing the service life of the vehicle motor. Therefore, only when the pulse corona initiation voltage PDIV of enameled wire is larger than the service voltage of vehicle motor can the service life of vehicle motor be prolonged.

Dean Group, relying on the strong research and development experience in the field of enameled wire testing instruments, aiming at the situation that it is impossible to monitor the corona initiation voltage (PDIV) of enameled wire for vehicle motors at present, developed a testing instrument for monitoring the corona initiation voltage (PDIV) of enameled wire for vehicle motors - "PDIV special tester for electromagnetic wire of new energy vehicle motors". It helps enameled wire manufacturers adjust production process and technological innovation and provide reliable technical parameters. At the same time, enameled wire users can also use PDIV for incoming product quality testing and data analysis.


Shanghai Innovation Fund is a kind of government fund established by Shanghai Municipal Government to encourage enterprises in Shanghai to develop and innovate independently, and to achieve important results in the field of new materials and new technologies. In the past three years, Dean Group has been selected into Shanghai Innovation Fund with four projects:

In 2016: Project of New Energy Vehicle Insulation Hose Project and DDS Digital Dielectric Constant Tester

In 2017: Project of Composite insulating foil with high thermal conductivity for new energy vehicles

In 2018: Project of PDIV Special Tester for Electromagnetic Wire of New Energy Vehicle Motor