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Flame Retardant Tester

Horizontal & Vertical combustion Tester

Horizontal & Vertical combustion Tester

I. scope of application
Test instrument for testing the combustion performance of plastics and non-metallic materials.Applicable to the laboratory method for determination of horizontal or vertical combustion performance of samples of plastic and non-metallic materials under 50W flame conditions.(the real object is like the picture on the right)

II. Product features

1. Programmable controller touch screen +PLC control, realizing multi-function of control/detection/calculation/data display.
2. High degree of automation: automatic recording of test time, automatic display test results, automatic timing, automatic ignition, Bunsen lamp will automatically return after the end of the flame, and you can choose whether to turn off the gas.
3. Automatic ignition can be selected during startup.
4. Style clip front, back, up, down advance and retreat can be controlled by touch screen, start, stop, gas, timing, ignition, save, save, lighting and exhaust are all realized by touch screen control, the test can be completed by fingertip touch.
5. Timing button and PLC automatically record the storage and combustion time.
6. Test time system automatically records and generates test results.
Relevant technical parameters
Suitable working conditions and main technical indicators of the instrument
Ambient temperature: room temperature ~ 40℃;Relative humidity: ≤ 75%;
Power supply voltage and power: 220V± 10%, 50HZ, 150W
The horizontal and vertical combustion test program can be switched on the touch screen, the test results can be stored in the touch screen, and the test results can be inquired.
Automatic ignition of Bunsen lamp, automatic timing and arbitrary ignition time setting (can be preset on the touch screen)
Internal diameter of Bunsen lamp is 9.5mm±0.5mm
Automatic ignition is optional before starting the Bunsen lamp
After applying the flame, the Bunsen lamp will automatically return. Bunsen lamp return is optional to turn off the gas
Gas source: liquefied petroleum gas (methane gas in arbitration industry);
Electrostatic spray box of steel plate
More than 0.5 cubic meter (0.75m3, 1m3 and stainless steel box are supported for non-calibration)
Weight: about 100kg
Working power supply: 220V AC 50HZ
Timing range: 0~999.9s timing accuracy: 10s±0.2s30s±0.2s;
Firing time: 0 ~ 999.9s (adjustable, can be preset on the touch screen)
Afterflame time: 0 ~ 999.9s
Residual burning time: 0 ~ 999.9s
Linear combustion rate (V) PLC automatic calculation, touch screen display and save
Combustion Angle: 0°, 20° and 45° are available
Flame height: 20mm ~ 175mm adjustable
Flame temperature :(100-1000) adjustable
Gas flow rate: 105ml/min-1000ml/min adjustable
Lamp: tube inner diameter 9.5±0.3mm, length: 100mm±10mm
Timing device: accurate to 0.1 s
Position adjustment: sample holder can be adjusted up and down, left and right, combustion seat can be adjusted back and forth, the adjustment stroke is large
Flame calibration device :(optional)
A. Temperature test range: 0~1000℃
B. Flame temperature requirements: from 100℃±5℃ to 700℃±3℃ within 44s±2s
C. Φ 0.5 mm (type K) nickel chromium/nickel aluminium wire, thermocouple for insulation
D. copper heat transfer: Ф 5.5 mm, the quality of 1.76 g - 0.01 g
Gas alarm system (optional)
External dimension: 1160mm wide × 600mm deep × 1310 (including feet) mm high
Combustion test area volume: > 0.5 cubic, length * width * height about 900mm×590mm×1050mm, black background, background illumination ≤20Lux
The top is equipped with a mute and backflow preventer to discharge the smoke generated by combustion after the test
(2) design standards:
Gb-t2408-2008 testing of burning properties of plastics -- horizontal and vertical methods (ANSI/ ul94-2006)
Gbt10707-2008 "determination of burning properties of rubber" method B (i.e. Gb-t13488 "determination of burning properties of rubber -- vertical burning method")
(3) applicable standards:
Gjb360b-2009 test methods for electronic and electrical components 111


Iv. Product configuration
1. One main machine
2. One power cord
Drop a dish
4. One lighter
5. One screwdriver
6. Wear two tightly
7. One point five meters of air source tube
8. Use a spare ruler
9. One copy of the manual
One certificate of quality