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EV Motor Testing Equipment

PDIV tester For EV Motor

PDIV Tester for EV motor
PDIV 500-T
Standard :IEC-60270 , GB-T/7354

Differing from partial discharge with high frequency pulse which produce sound and light phenomenon, the power frequency AC voltage reaches a certain threshold, can only  produce instantaneous current leakage around the tested sample, it can be detected through discharge capacity (unit: PC) to evaluate partial discharge phenomena..
The instrument PDIV 500-T is  designed to put samples such as enameled wire, insulation paper/film, and electric motor stator in the High temperature / humidity environment chamber,  applying a power frequency voltage with a programed rising speed, and prefect ground connection must be guaranteed , through the coupling capacitor as the medium,  the continuous detection of discharge capacity against the voltages will create formulation  between the Voltages and discharge capacities (pc),  the software will find the discharge voltage threshold called PDIV.

Zero discharge leakage power supply system
Discharge collection coupling capacitance
Partial discharge tester
Industrial control computer system and analysis software
High temperature (humidity) cabinet with perfect ground connection
Test stands suitable for different samples

Power supply: 1 phase 220 V 50HZ
Power: 5KW
Dimensional :  800x900x1500mm