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EV Motor Testing Equipment

High & Low Temperature Impact system for ATF cooling Motor

High & Low Temperature Impact system for ATF cooling Motor

This test system provides the most direct life evaluation of ATF cooling based EV motor by simulating the temperature impact from ultimate self- heating of the motor and severe cold condition from environment.

The working principle and process
Put the three-phase stator into high pressure resistant tank and fix it well
Electric connected the stator to the high frequency power supplier.
Fill in the ATF oil into the tank
Set a specified temperature curve through the software
The stator and ATF oil will be heated through the high frequency eddy current principle
The heating system is automatically switch off and turn to cooling process
The stator will be cooled down to the low temperature through the High efficient refrigeration system
Repeat automatically the cycled impact test according to the programme
Conduct the high voltage and electric  resistance  test on the stator to evaluate on the performance of the stator

Basic structure of the system:
High pressure resistant sealed tank
High frequency eddy current heating system
Oil pump circulation unit
Refrigeration system
Intelligent automatic control system
Automatic lifting system
System integrated protection cabinet
Optional: Electrical performance test system for motor stator evt-531

System parameters
Tmin = - 20 ° C
Tmax = 150 ° C
Cycle time: 60-80 minutes
Number Of Cycle : 1100 times
Inverter voltage: 500V dc
Frequency: 9 KHZ
Power supply: 3 phases 50hz
Power: 15KW
Dimension: 500x600x1500mm