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Enameled wire tester

Solvent Resistance Tester

Solvent Resistance Tester

Description of Product
Executive standard: GB/T4074.4-2008/IEC60851-4; Inspection standard: JB/T4279.10-2008
Used to detect the solvent resistance performance of enameled round wires and flat wires with nominal conductor diameter above 0.250mm;
Application of SCM control allows for fast operation and strong anti-interference capacity;
Pencil push unit would automatically lay down pencil and move ahead, lift pencil and automatically return to initial position;
Used in combination with JRK-60 solvent thermostatic controller;
Automatic pencil sharper can sharpen pencil tip to be 60° symmetrical to its axis;

Major Technical Parameters

Movement speed of pencil


Movement distance of pencil


Inclination angle between pencil and plane of sample


Force along the direction of pencil


Input power

AC220V±10%  50Hz

Consumed power


Overall dimensions

L×W×H  640×345×350mm



Optional accessories: JRK-60 solvent thermostatic controller