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Enameled wire tester

Elongation Tester

Elongation Tester

Description of Product
Executive standard: GB/T4074.3-2008/IEC60851-3; Inspection standard: JB/T4279.3-2008
Used to test elongation (ductility) of copper wires covered with φ0.100-3.0 mmenamel, silk or other insulation materials and other metal wires with tensile strength ≤2000N;
Application of SCM control allows for fast operation and strong anti-interference capacity;
Preset elongation of samples with two-digit toggle switch and, when the preset value is reached during test, motor and counter would automatically stop action and display results;
The instrument is capable of measuring elongation while also the tensile force and holding the maximum tensile force value during stretching;
Clamps are designed according to characteristics of various wires to prevent samples from breaking at clamp jaws, easy to load samples and, after samples are compressed, enamel can be automatically broken;
While sample is broken, movable clamp would automatically stop moving, with error between displayed and actual elongation value less than 1%;

Major Technical Parameters

Start distance between two clamps

200mm ±1mmtwo modes adjustable

Stretching speed of sample


Maximum elongation testing range ( displacement distance of movable clamp)


Display of elongation

Three-digit LED automatically displays test results with accuracy of 0.1%

Input power

AC220V±10%  50Hz

Consumed power


Overall dimensions

L×W×H  640×400×420mm