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Enameled wire tester

Intelligent and Unidirectional Scrape Tester

Intelligent and Unidirectional Scrape Tester

Description of Product
Executive standard: GB/T4074.3-2008/IEC60851-3
Inspection standard: JB/T4279.9-2008
Meet GB/T6109-2008 standard requirements
Used to test the film scrap resistance of enamelled round wires with nominal conductor diameter above0.250mm;
Application of SCM control,enter the weight value, operation will be completed automatically: put down the scraping rod,  stop while film scratch, calculate and show the scraping force, raise the scraping rod,  return to zero, sample rotates 120°and repeat the same operation, calculate and show the scraping force of three times and average scraping force.
When film is scratched, film scraper would automatically stop scraping, with exposed conductor of sample<3mm
With the advantages of high sensitivity, good repeatability, stable and reliable characteristics.

Major Technical Parameters

Test range

≥φ0.25mmenamelled round wire

Movement distance of scraper


Movement speed of scraper


Test voltage

DC 6.5±0.5V

Short-circuit current


Scraping force error


Input power

AC220V±10% 50Hz

Consumed power


The environment temperature

0~40℃,relative humidity ≤85%