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Enameled wire tester

Continuity of Insulation Tester (High voltage method)

Continuity of Insulation Tester (High voltage method)


Description of Product
Executive standard: GB/T4074.5-2008/IEC60851-5;
Inspection standard: JB/T4279.13-2008
Meet GB/T6109-2008 standard requirements
Used to test the Insulation continuity (namely the pinhole number of enameled wire sample per unit length) of enameled round wires with nominal conductor diameter ranging from0.05mmto1.60mm;
8 level test voltages can be selected by pressing button: 350V, 500V, 750V, 1000V, 1500V, 2000V, 2500V and 3000V;
Test length ranging 0~99m;
Application of SCM control.
Automatically complete test process, display wire testing length and pinhole number;
Brushless driving motor, guide pulley and take up pulley are equipotent.
The electrode insulation to ground, using high resistance material of non-hygroscopic, no leakage, no tracking, easy to clean, Insulation thickness can ensure long-term 3000V voltage effect.
Circuit board is subject to anti-static and moistureproof and long-time aging treatment, has more stable quality and higher durability;

Major Technical Parameters:

Test voltage error


Steady state short-circuit current


Voltage drop caused by 50MΩ defect resistance


Response time of defect detecting circuit


Defect counting frequency while in contact with bare wire


Speed of sample passing through electrode


Input power

AC220V±10%  50Hz

Consumed power


Working environment

Temperature: 0-40℃,Relative humidity:≤85%

Overall dimensions

L×W×H  600×350×378mm