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Enameled wire tester

High/Low Voltage Continuity of Covering Tester

High/Low Voltage Continuity of Covering Tester

Instrument Description

High voltage

- A voltage generator must provide the electrode with a continuous filtered voltage without transients. The test voltages using an open circuit must be adjustable from 350 to 3000Vdc±5% v.The permanent short circuit current must be 25±5μA at any voltage. A 50Mohm resistance applied to the high voltage electrode should not cause a voltage drop more than 75% irrespective of the voltage used; the specimen length shall be 30 meters. An appropriate circuit must evaluate whether the wire carries a current which is greater than thatspecified in the tables; a counter will display the number of faults.

Low voltage

- A sample of wire30Mlength shall be passed through two felts in a water salt solution (30g/l).The test voltage shall be 50Vdc and the circuit shall be capable to detect an insulation resistance less than 10Kv.

- Power supply: 230AV 50/60Hz one phase 300VA

- Dimensions: W500×H730×D620MM

- Weight:45KG


- GS Stretching unit: 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20%.

- E Electrodes according NEMA MW 1000 or IEC 60851-5.5.2

- Ex Customized low voltage electrode