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Enameled wire tester

Breakdown voltage tester

Breakdown voltage tester

Instrument Description
Executive standard: GB/T4074.5-2008/IEC60851-4; Inspection standard: JB/T4279.11-2008
Used to test the breakdown voltage performance under room temperature of enameled round and flat wires with nominal conductor diameter of 0.018mm and above;
Three voltage rise speeds are available: 20V/s, 100V/s and 500V/s, with error being ±5%;
Three test methods can be adopted: round bar method, twist pair method and ball method;
Clamp a group of test samples (5 for each) once, available to complete breakdown or withstand voltage test for any of sample one by one or individually; breakdown voltage and withstand voltage time would be automatically saved for future enquiry; all operations would be automatically completed;
Capable of conducting high temperature breakdown voltage test in combination with RDS-50 thermal-state voltage tester;
LED would automatically display test results and automatically return;
During sample breakdown, breakdown voltage indication value would be automatically locked, free from flashing, and the test result is distinct and relatively clear;
Equipped with test fixture for round rod method and twist pair method as well as the test weight for round rod method;
Equipped with ball method test device (steel balls are prepared by user);

Test door is provided with safety interlocking device, compliant with relevant regulations on high voltage testing equipment.

Major Technical Parameters

Breakdown action current


Maximum Test voltage

15000V(3 ranges: 1KV 2.5KV 15KV)

Indication value error of test voltage


Withstand voltage time

Ranging 1-999s

Diameter of round bar pole


Rated capacity of test transformer


Input power

AC220V±10%  50Hz

Consumed power


Working environment

Temperature: 0-40℃;Relative humidity:≤85%

Overall dimensions

L×W×H  545×650×1700mm