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Enameled wire tester

in-line pinhole detector

DZK portable Pin-hole Instrument  is designed and produced in accordance with GB/ t4074.5-2008 standard, which can be used for the user of enameled wire to monitor the continuous performance of paint film in the process of production and use. It takes into account the detection function of the traditional high pressure paint film continuity tester and the advantage of being easy to move and replace, which facilitates the user's detection and use of various environments and multiple cables.

DZK portable Pin-hole  system can be used to monitor the insulation of electromagnetic wire in real time during production. The detection voltage can be set without any pole. After the detection is started, the conductive brush will be loaded with high voltage. When the electromagnetic wire scratches or insulation layer has a weak defect, the detection host -> brush -> electromagnetic wire copper core -> detection host constitutes a current detection loop, the system will detect the defect and alarm.

Main technical parameters
1. Test voltage: 0-3000v pole-less adjustable.
2. Threshold current: 8mA.
5, short circuit current: less than 30uA.
4. Control: all-in-one touch screen control, SSID: usr-wifi232
5. Module control: 4-way main engine integration module (4 different test voltages shall be selected).
6. Alarm mode: sound and light alarm.
7. Detection method: brush detection or guide wheel detection can be used to achieve full detection.
8. Integrated system: each hardware controller (installed within 6-8 meters of the detection head) can control up to 4

Road test head. Can use hardware controller integrated control software (optional) to complete remote control; Data statistics/analysis. Or access to customer ERP systems.

Integrated software functions:
8.1 monitoring: remote monitoring, switch pinhole detection hardware controller.
8.2 real-time monitoring: number of pinholes, pinhole position (virtual value, with slight error, meter sensor should be installed if accurate);
8.3. Data storage: external scanning code equipment can be used to query historical data at any time (query method: date, axis number, bar code, etc., or according to customer requirements);
8.4. Data shall be saved in charts or tables, and comparison charts can be generated between different spool.
8.5. Open communication interface. Customers can access ERP system or other systems to facilitate control and data inquiry.